Skin Specifics

Skin Specifics Services


Bright Skin Facial

$110 – 60 Minutes

Fight off uneven pigmentation and dark spots with a “Natural Hydroquinone Alternative” made from Tara Tree & African Potato and Gigawhite™. Licorice root, bearberry extract and stone crop assist in lightening and provide antioxidants to the skin.

Temporarily Unavailable

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Calm Skin Facial

$110 – 60 Minutes

A non-stimulating facial good for people with rosacea and skin sensitivities. Chamomile, arnica, marigold, ivy, rosemary and aloe vera juice will calm redness and irritation and leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Temporarily Unavailable


Clear Skin Facial

$110 – 60 Minutes

A non-stripping facial for oily, blemished or acneic skin. Kaolin clay, stone crop, yogurt and tea tree are used to help keep the pores clean and minimized. Cucumber, marigold, and calendula fight redness & irritations and leave skin feeling soothed.

Temporarily Unavailable

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Eminence Personalized Facial

$130 – 75 Minutes

Unsure of your skin type? Come in for a personalized facial where we start off with a skin analysis to hand select the products best suited for your skin.

Temporarily Unavailable

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Express Acne Facial

$95 – 45 Minutes

This facial is a designed to target and treat stubborn and persistent acneic breakouts with a powerful combination of naturally derived ingredients.

Temporarily Unavailable

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Firm Skin Facial

$110 – 60 Minutes

Infuse skin with antioxidant-high ingredients to fight off the signs of aging! A natural Hyaluronic Acid will deeply hydrate to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Temporarily Unavailable

Skin Specific Add-Ons

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Eye Treatment

+ $30 – 15 Minutes

Treat eyes with a natural 3-step treatment. Eyes are exfoliated with fruit enzymes and an eye masque that improves elasticity and smoothes the delicate contours around your eyes. We then finish off with an eye serum and cream suited for your skin.


Eco-Fin Hand & Foot Treatment

+ $20 – 15 Minutes

Add-on this environmentally friendly paraffin-alternative to any Esthetician performed service. A blend of different hydrating oils like coconut & jojoba, Vitamin E and essential oils will leave skin soft and moisturized.


Lip Treatments

+ $25 – 15 Minutes

Treat your lips with a natural 3-step treatment. Lips are exfoliated with fruit enzymes to smooth and prepare for a hydrating masque that plumps and softens lips. We then finish off with a cream suited for your skin & a delicious citrus lip balm.

Temporarily Unavailable