Spa Services

Spa Services at 124 on Queen

Relax, Restore, and Rejuvenate

Our professionally trained Advanced Spa Therapists greet you with a warm smile and take you on a sensory journey throughout your spa stay. Many of our treatments feature aromatic products that relax, nourish, and reconnect mind, body, and spirit.

We have sourced the best natural and organic skincare companies and are proud to partner with brands such as Eminence, Spa Ritual, and Farm House Fresh.

Click on our categories below to see the treatments we currently offer.

Signature Treatments at 124

Coconut Body Bliss - $160 /90min

Known to help alleviate signs of ageing, this top to toe treatment is sheer indulgence for the whole body. Cocoon yourself in the benefits of a tropical coconut body scrub and mask while enjoying an age corrective coconut facial. A relaxing body massage using coconut firming body lotion and pure, cold pressed coconut oil completes this conditioning treatment and leaves the skin more youthful and vibrant.

Caliente Hot Chocolate Wrap - $140/75 min

For those looking to spice things up, the caliente chocolate wrap will stimulate and awaken the circulation, as well as tempt the taste buds. Combining the benefits of chocolate and Hungarian hot pepper spices, this active body mask will leave your skin cleansed and flushed with health and vitality. A great way to encourage a detox all those toxins. * not suitable for anyone currently pregnant. Please consult with our spa reservationist for any allergy restrictions

The 124 Rejuvenating Facial - $150/90 min

  This 90-minute facial is designed to deep cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, while providing complete relaxation. Organically sourced Eminence products are specifically selected to reduce unwanted toxins and revive your complexion. This indulgent facial incorporates a complete eye, lip and a full decollate treatment to make this experience truly one of a kind!

The Ritual @ 124 - $150/75 min

Unleash the benefits of the world’s finest aromatherapy blends, in this sensory journey for the whole body. Incorporated into this full body treatment is a cleansing back mask as well as a hand and foot treatment which will leave you feeling balanced and utterly pampered.

The Deluxe Pedicure - $80 /75 min

Truly indulge yourself by taking the spa pedicure to the next level. Following your exfoliation and callous removal, warm blends of naturally sourced oils are applied to soothe aching feet and condition dry skin. The extended massage uses hot stones to help aid the penetration of the oils and relieves muscular tension in the lower legs and feet. 

Skin Specifics @ 124

Eminence Personalized Facial - $130/75min

Unsure of your skin type? Come in for a personalized facial where we start off with a skin analysis to hand select the products best suited for your skin.

Calm Skin Facial - $110/60 min

A non-stimulating facial good for people with rosacea and skin sensitivities.  Chamomile, arnica, marigold, ivy, rosemary and aloe vera juice will calm redness and irritation and leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Bright Skin Facial - $110/60 min

Fight off uneven pigmentation and dark spots with a “Natural Hydroquinone Alternative” made from Tara Tree & African Potato and Gigawhite™. Licorice root, bearberry extract and stone crop assist in lightening and provide antioxidants to the skin.

Firm Skin Facial - $110/60 min      

Infuse skin with antioxidant-high ingredients to fight off the signs of aging! A natural Hyaluronic Acid will deeply hydrate to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Acai Berry, blueberry, raspberry and sea buckthorn improves skin tone, moisturize and provide essential vitamins like C & A into your skin.

Clear Skin Facial - $110/60 min

A non-stripping facial for oily, blemished or acneic skin. Kaolin clay, stone crop, yogurt and tea tree are used to help keep the pores clean and minimized.  Cucumber, marigold, and calendula fight redness & irritations and leave skin feeling soothed.

Facial Add on
Eye & Lip treatment -
Eye Treatment - $30/15 min | Lip Treatment - $25/15 min

Treat eyes & lips with a natural 3-step treatment. Eyes & lips are exfoliated with fruit enzymes to smooth and prepare for a hydrating masque that plumps and softens lips and an eye masque that improves elasticity and smoothes the delicate contours around your eyes.  We then finish off with an eye serum and cream suited for your skin & a delicious citrus lip balm.

Eco-Fin Hand & foot treatment - $20/15 min

Add-on this environmentally friendly paraffin-alternative to any Esthetician performed service.  A blend of different hydrating oils like coconut & jojoba, Vitamin E and essential oils will leave skin soft and moisturized. 

Massage @ 124

  • Registered Massage Therapy -
    $65/30min | $120/60min | $160/90 min

    Our registered massage therapists work hard to manipulate soft tissues of the body including ligaments and joints, muscles, connective tissues and tendons. Massage helps relieve discomfort associated with everyday stress stemming from a variety of issues.

    Active Therapy - $120/60 min

    For those people looking to recover from the intense workout of the day before or to concentrate on a particularly difficult area, this option provides a focused hour of intense massage treatment with some sports focused methodology. Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist

    Hot Stone Massage -
  • $90 /30 min | $145/60 min | $185/90 min
  • Dating back to ancient times, hot stones have been used for healing. Rich in iron, basalt stones maintain heat to help relax your muscles, body and mind. Therapists will use the heat to ease the muscles while incorporating the stones in and out of massage movements.

    *All RMT services will provide receipts for Health care benefits. However, please note we cannot provide an RMT receipt for treatments paid with a gift certificate.

    Relaxation Massage -
    $55/30 min | $110/60 min

    Feel soothed with a full body massage using a less intense pressure. Perfect for those just wishing to let go of everyday tension and relax your mind. Performed by an Esthetician, no receipt can be issued for this service.

    Relaxation Massage Add On
  • Eco-Fin Hand & foot treatment - $20/15min
  • Add-on this environmentally friendly paraffin-alternative to any Esthetician performed service.  A blend of different hydrating oils like coconut & jojoba, Vitamin E and essential oils will leave skin soft and moisturized.

    Aromatherapy - $20

    An essential oil blend can be chosen by you and incorporated into your massage, changing your mood and relaxing your mind.

    Hot stones - $20

    Dating back to ancient times, hot stones have been used for healing. Iron rich basalt stones maintain an excess of heat to help melt the tension in your muscles. Incorporate these into your relaxation treatment for a whole new experience.


Body Treatments at 124

Eminence Organics Back Facial - $75/45 min

A personalized treatment based on the needs of your skin, whether you’re a problem skin or just want a relaxing treatment. The back is treated to a full cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask to treat any concerns or skin conditions that you just can’t reach by yourself.

Body Polish - $80/45 min

Prep yourself for a special occasion with this top to toe body exfoliation using naturally sourced fruit and plant extracts. A sugar based scrub removes dull or damaged skin cells, leaving the skin feeling fresh and looking radiant. All treatments include a light skin conditioning massage, using a soufflé moisturiser.

Blueberry Slimming Body Blitz - $140/75 min

Give your body the kick start it needs with the Eminence’s Blueberry body wrap. Natural ingredients from fruits and diuretic seaweed extracts stimulate your skin to improve elasticity, smooth imperfections, and replenish with powerful antioxidants.

The Orchard Indulgence - $140/75 min

Enjoy all the antioxidant benefits that the autumn fruit orchards have to offer. A fresh and fruity body scrub is followed by a rejuvenating body wrap and a nutrient rich facial, making this treatment a true indulgence for any skin type.


Hands and Feet @ 124

  • Spa Ritual Manicure - $50/45 min

    Begin this sensory delight by choosing you signature scent, then allow our therapists to pamper you with an exfoliation, massage and a homecare treatment regime that will give you the hands you always envied.

    Shellac Manicure - $65/60 min

    Have an event you’re attending or going away on vacation? Or maybe you just want a longer wear out of your polish? CND’s shellac gel polish is the way to go! This treatment consists of a full Spa ritual manicure followed by a shellac gel polish application.

    Shape up & Shine Hands - $30/30 min

    This is for those who are looking for quick tidy up of their finger nails. Includes, nail trim, file, cuticle work and polish.

    Spa Ritual Pedicure - $65/60 min

    Treat your feet with spa rituals signature aromatherapy foot soak, a lower leg exfoliation, full nail and callus work and a pretty polish to get you ready for any occasion.

    Shape up and Shine FeeT - $30/30 min *

    This is perfect for those who are looking for a quick tidy up of their toenails in between their usual pedicure. Includes, nail trim, file, cuticle work and polish application.

    * Please note, we do not remove or apply shellac polish to the feet, please make sure all shellac is removed from your toe nails prior to booking your Pedicure service with us.

    Hands and feet add on
  • French Polish $10/15 min
  • A classy French tip polish application on nails to finish off your manicure or pedicure

  • French Gel Polish - $15/15 min
  • A classy French tip gel polish application on nails to finish off your manicure or pedicure

  • Shellac Gel Polish Removal - $20/30 min
  • Nails wrapped for an easy removal of shellac polish application. Spa ritual nail hydration treatment is recommended after removal.

  • *Please note, we are only able to remove recognized “soak off” gel polishes. If it is a gel which requires a buff off removal, you will need to have it removed at a more specialized nail salon.

  • Eco-fin Hands and Feet Treatment - $20/15 min
  • Add-on this environmentally friendly paraffin-alternative to any Esthetician performed service.  A blend of different hydrating oils like coconut & jojoba, Vitamin E and essential oils will leave skin soft and moisturized. 

Men’s detailing @124

  • Executive Pedicure - $65/60 min
  • Your hard working feet will never have felt better! Includes nail trim, file, cuticle work, calluses softened, foot scrub, foot masque and a moisturizing foot massage. We promise you won’t leave with your toes painted red!

    Corporate Manicure - $45/45 min

    This treatment is dedicated to putting comfort back into your overworked hands.  With light nail work followed by a moisture replenishing massage, you will soon be ready to take on any task at hand.

    Men’s Hydration Facial - $100/60 min

    Give your skin a treat with this hydrating and relaxing facial. Stone Crop is a healing plant used to tackle a wide range of skin concerns, while reducing free radicals and boosting the vitamin content in your skin. Kiss your razor burn goodbye!

    Back Wax - $55/60 min

    Getting yourself beach ready? Have your back hair removed with our gentle cream wax. We use Eminence’s stone crop hydration mist and a calming stone crop moisturizer to make the experience as soothing and painless as possible.

    Chest Wax - $45/45 min
  • Go the extra mile and really impress by having your chest hair removed with our gentle cream wax.

    Men’s add on
  • Neck & Shoulder Wax - $15/15 min
  • This quick add on to your waxing treatment will prevent any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions or wayward hairs misbehaving.

    Eco fin Treatment - $20/15 min

Hair removal @ 124

  • All of our hair removal services are done with Epillyss, a natural wax rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and trace elements. We use Eminence’s stone crop hydration mist, body oil and calm skin chamomile moisturizer to make the experience soothing and painless.

Tinting @ 124

  • All of our tinting services are done with a high end professional coloring system. Intensive tint uses all natural ingredients and does not contain coal tar or any other prohibited ingredients. The patented formulation guarantees the kind of quality, long-lasting results you are looking for.

    *Please note, your eye lashes need to be cleansed and free of mascara before coming in for lash tinting.  

A la Carte @ 124

  • Eyebrow design - $30/30 min
  • Eyebrow cleanup - $20/15 min
  • Lip - $20/15 min
  • Chin - $20/15 min
  • Lip & Chin - $30/30 min
  • Full face (Eyebrows, lip, chin, sides of face) - $50/60 min
  • Underarms - $25/15 min
  • Bikini - $35/30 min
  • Upper leg with bikini - $50/45 min
  • Upper leg - $35/30 min
  • Lower leg - $50/30 Min
  • Full leg - $65/60 min
  • Eyebrow Tint - $25/30 min
  • Eyelash Tint - $25/30 min
  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint - $40/30 min

Packages @ 124

  • The Retreat - $270/3.5hrs

    Begin your experience with an aromatherapy massage to awaken your senses, followed by a Personalized Eminence Facial, and finish it all off with a Spa Ritual Pedicure. The perfect treat for anyone and everyone.

    Time for Two - $320/2hrs 

    Leave the daily stresses of life behind and come in with your significant other to be pampered by us. Enjoy relaxing massages side by side in our couple’s suite followed by Spa Ritual pedicures. Complimentary glass of sparkling wine included with treatment. Cheers to you both!

    Unwind - $210/3hrs

    What better way to relax and unwind from today’s stress than a visit to the spa? Start your day off right with a personalized Eminence Organic’s facial, followed by an aromatic spa manicure and pedicure. Perfect for those wishing to relax alone but if you prefer a little company we have room for you to invite a friend or two to unwind alongside you.

    Package Upgrades

    Spa Lunch* - $20/30 min

    Vienni Sparkling Momenti - $30

    RMT Massage* - $20 per person

  • *Subject to availability and must be requested at the time of booking.

Please note a 15% automatic gratuity is added upon check out for packages with multiple services.